Bug in the Brain


Bug in the Brain

The story of a gal living with a brain tumour

My story

In June 2019, at the age of 29, I was diagnosed with a high-grade brain tumour. I had awake brain surgery to reduce the tumour, followed by seven weeks of radiotherapy and a year of chemotherapy. Frustratingly, this is where the standard treatment ends and the waiting begins for the tumour to recur.

Fortunately, there is a cutting-edge new immunotherapy treatment being trialled by Northwest Biotherapeutics called DC Vax-L. This is not yet available on the NHS, nor covered by any private insurance, although trial results to date have been very promising. The treatment is expensive, and whilst my family and I are self-funding the majority ourselves, we are asking for help, not least because the results will then go to help others.

For some time now I have been involved with Brainstrust. This is a small, wonderfully supportive charity, and they have agreed to work with me as I embark on fundraising challenges such as runs, bake-offs, cycles, auctions, hikes, BBQ’s and much more.

Thanks to Brainstrust, all donations will go to my treatment. Any excess funds not required for my treatment as well as all the Gift Aid will be kept by Brainstrust. This will support them so that they can continue to provide amazing support to others living through uncertainty with this disease.

This website shows all the fundraising activities my friends, my family and me, myself and I will be doing. If you would like to get involved in any of these fundraising ideas or have any new ones, please shout! Or if you would like to donate please use the link below. Every penny is a wonderful gift.

Lots of love

Katy x



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